“Dr. Phil” on YouTube

“Antique road Show” on YouTube

“Sheepdog” on YouTube

“Woody Harrelson” on YouTube

“Ninjas” on YouTube

“Canada Fitness Testing” on YouTube

“Computer Support” on YouTube

“Marital Sex” on YouTube


  1. i think you have nice eyes

    Don’t ever question it. Hey Shane, remember when we were in college? Me neither.


  2. Jasen,

    I think you could fit a billiard ball in your mouth.

    Live on the ZLBMC,

  3. Thank you, I haven’t laughed like that for a long time. By the way, the audio drops out for 30 seconds during computer support. You rock !

    • Thanks Ninja Ernie (if that’s your REAL name), happy to make you happy, always appreciate useful feedback. I’m going to have updated video on the site shortly. Check back soon and often.

  4. Where is “Can’t love a werewolf?”

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