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Rodney D.

October 6, 2004

I played BC this weekend with Martha Chaves. Good times. Kelowna was lovely, and Cranbrook took the Spectravision out of the rooms.  Two days in Cranbrook with nothing to do but walk to Zellers.  A highlight of the trip was when I was able to pick up five books from the sale at the “mall” that the library was putting on.  Total price = $3.50. Five, FIVE books for $3.50.  Only in Cranbrook, where books are tools of the devil.

In more important news, master of comedy Rodney Dangerfield passed away.  He lived a great and long life, and I’m sure he would not want anyone to be particularly sad, he was a comedian.  My take is on this is how he impacted the comedy community.  There is an energy that is held and shared by all mankind where I believe that there is even a stronger bond shared by individual groups: peace officers, salepeople, vegans, any group where you would feel comfortable around “like” people.  Ever feel a connection with a person or group?  Or feel that certain people are repellant?  Some believe that it is a personality thing, I believe it goes deeper than that.

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What is WIERD, very very wierd, is that a guy here at work had said he thought that Rodney had died years ago.  We were watching Caddyshack and commenting on how hilarious he was – radio in the huge golf bag, great one liners, perfect antagonist – and my buddy pipes up, “Didn’t Rodney die?” I almost flipped on him, I was telling him that he was still alive, went to his web page, and didn’t find anything of the sort.

Last night I went to the club to pick up a cheque and I was really feeling odd, and really down.  I was all down that all of my buddy comedians were moving away (Toronto, England), I was just bad energy feeling sorry for myself.  I even had to leave early because I really did not want to be there feeling the way I did.  It was an inexplicable feeling that, while having it, I was really aware I was feeling it, and really felt that I was being ridiculous for feeling that way.  You know how sometimes you feel down but need someone to tell you, “Hey, you look down,” to notice?  I really noticed, and no one needed to tell me.

And today I got the news about Rodney.

After rehashing everything I’m left with a peculiar, creepy, odd, yet empowering feeling about the events over the past day. I think this kind of explained everything, and adds another “cementing” to the belief in common energy that comedians, and all of us share. He had a very powerful and influential presence in the community.

…Or I could be a whacked out head case.

Regardless, I don’t think I was the only one who felt his passing, he was one of the good guys…maybe finally he’ll get some respect.