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Wake Up Juice

April 23, 2004

this is nifty – coffee enemas. check out the part further down the page on how they tell you to cool the coffee for an hour. really?  let the coffee cool down you say?  well, isn’t there egg on my face, and second/third degree burns up my ass. 

“here’s your cafe americano sir,  did you want a ‘to go’ cup?” 

“uhhhh, kinda…”


Act One

April 11, 2004

here is my first attempt at a web log.  not that anyone cares.  perhaps anyone who publishes a web log should have their own sanity studied.  the development of an online “presence” seems paranormal.  “i’m detecting traces of a personality…set the DSM-IV®-TR to ‘psychotic’.

sorry for the confusion.