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Kerry Talmage

June 19, 2004
as we move through life and encounter obstacles that seemingly seem impossible, we forget those who have done far greater with worse odds. kerry talmage, a brilliant comedian, a thousand times more gritty than sandstone, and half your size, passed on to the great stage in the sky. his battle against kidney failure, heart attacks, bad road gigs, and rude club staff, came to an end june 17, 2004. a legion of people the world over miss him and will always remember him, and not just comedians, i believe there are nurses out there who will NEVER forget him. i hope that kerry has touched your life personally, and that you were offended. i think he would have liked it that way. he was a great man, a great, great man. he will be missed.


Purpose with Meaning…and Republicans

June 13, 2004

Damn.  I was out reading today.  I read Megan Fraser‘s online journal, Will Weldon‘s online journal, and Toby Hargrave‘s ongoing detailing of his comedic exploits.  I love these guys, they are living the dream, and they are great people.  They write from the hip.  It made me think about what I’m trying to accomplish with my web site.  I can’t say I want anyone to know what is going on personally in my life.  You’d shoot yourself.  Not to kill yourself, but to distract yourself with a nicely shot out kneecap.

“I read about Jasen’s personal life today.  Work, comedy, home life…”


“Ahhhh, that’s better.  Could you pick up my foot and shin?”


So I’d rather give you entertainment of another variety.  Crazy stuff I’ve found on the web that you can check out.  Good stuff.  Bad stuff.  Weird stuff.  Just interesting stuff to me.  You can’t get to know what makes me tick, but you can see what winds the clock.  That doesn’t make sense, but I don’t care.

Eric Blumrich.  Here’s a guy who has one or two opinions about the political affairs in the states.  Rather, he fucking hates republicans, more specifically, George W. Bush.  I’m surprized he hasn’t “disappeared”. 

I like the War Pigs video, Ozzy rules.

My take is I just can’t wrap my head around how it doesn’t bother people, en masse, that he’s former president George Bush Sr’s kid.  Just to point out a fact, this means he came from Barbara’s vagina.  It makes me itchy thinking about that.

Please don’t shoot out your knee, I’m done writing for today.