John Deere and Sleepovers

July 16, 2004

This weekend past Matt Billon and I were performing through Saskatchewan.


It’s amazing how hard it is to find a John Deere hat through the prairies. We stopped in almost every small town on highway one, on the way up to Prince Albert, through to Saskatoon, on the way to Regina, and back to Calgary.


What was really weird was the reaction that I got for even asking.

“You want a hat?”


“What kind of hat?”

“Like a promo hat.”

“Maybe try up the road at the next town…or Burger King, I think they have promo hats.”

In other news, last night Toby Hargrave crashed at my place again.  In the past three years Toby has been the only house guest I have had.   I think I’m not going to allow any one else to stay at my place, comedians or family, to preserve the sanctity of the shrine now set up for Toby Hargrave…and by “shrine” I mean “the room that stores the spare bed,  bags of old clothing for the Salvation Army, and kids toys”.

I guess,  in a way,  it’s always been a shrine for Toby.

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