Longview Beef Jerky

September 20, 2004

Longview, Alberta, Canada.  The best beef jerky in the world!  You kids put on a good show.  Thank you goes to Holly Clarke and the Longview Fire Department for having Daryl Makk and I perform at the fire hall September 18th.  The food was great, the guests laughed HARD. longview_beef_jerky
Daryl and I went across the street to buy up some of the world famous Longview beef jerky only to find the shop was closed for the day.  Daryl half jokingly told our story of woe as a little anecdote during his act.  By the end of Daryl’s set we had some honey garlic, some teriaki, and buffalo(hot) we were told it is “da bomb”.  I claimed the honey garlic and it was finished before I made it into my house.  The next morning my jaw ached so much I thought it was dislocated. 1 full bag Longview beef jerky X jerky chew factor = 1 Freddy lockjaw.

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