Vancouver, Montreal, and Saskatchewan

February 10, 2006

It’s been a bit since I last wrote here.  I apologise to the three or four of you that actually read this.  I now have a myspace where you too can be my friend.  

Irwin Barker and Kelly Dixon.  Last night the show rocked.  I finally have the finger on the pulse of Vancouver, maybe previously I shouldn’t have tried to take the pulse with my thumb.

presley_camden_0001Man, it’s been a trippy year.  The highlight has to be the birth of my daughter, Presley, who is growing into a little lady.   She lights up the room with her dimply smile. camden has really stepped up as a big bro and loves the sh*t out of her, I think it’s him, the sh*t is coming from somewhere, and there is a lot of it.

I was at montreal for the Just For Laughs International Comedy Festival which was a hugely wondrous, and enlightening experience.  The feedback was great and I met a lot of influential people, while they were hammered, and promised me nothing, and wouldn’t remember me if I gave them remember me pills.

richard_lettRecently, I was on tour with the infamous Richard Lett, the Canadian George Carlin, with a voice like golden honey, golden honey that has been smelted with glass shards and itchy.   I do have to publicly thank the blatty crooner for taking me out of a potentially dangerous situation(s), disarming me, and loading me full of pizza.  The details are unecessary, but Saskatoon can now rest peacefully and safely soley to the diligence of Richard Lett.  I still think that the dude was Cree Indian.   That’s all I’m going to say about that.


PastaI have the luxury of staying at my buddy’s home here in Vancouver, Lachlan Patterson, a fellow comedian, has provided me with the guest room at his estate.

He had his cook whip up a salmon pasta, with fresh rosmary from the garden absolutely fine cuisine.


Lachlan is working this week with Paul Provenza, the director of “The Aristocrats”, currently one of the most talked about movies of ’05.  The discussion to go boating came up, but the opportunity did not. some friends have a cigarette boat, a term new to me.  I think the potential was enough for me, it sounds like a lot of work.

Well, that’s about it.  Aren’t you glad I started writing here again?

Me neither.  ‘Til next time.




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