Weekend, Joe Rogan, and HACKS

February 17, 2007

End of the week is finally here.  Valentines Day completed.  Birthday survived.  Long weekend ahead.  Family day to look forward to.

IMG_0095[1]The X92.9 radio spot went well, a couple of people mentioned they heard me.  Josh and James were good guys about having me around for a few minutes. 

The second week of judging was interesting.  I had the misfortune of having to ‘lose it’ on the first act.  My intention was to make it clear to “come prepared.”  You enter a contest where pe0ple are vyying for $25000, so why wouldn’t you, maybe, oh I don’t know, jot down a thought or two rather than “wing it” using lame dick references with the mic stand? 

Regardless, a sincere “congrats” go out to Don Woods for being the number one dude, and Chris Gordon and Trevor Buchanan for walking away with a tie for second.  They will make the next round for the Calgary finals.

In other news, Joe Rogan has outed a HACK recently which has caused quite a stir.  Too bad for the HACK in question where he has documented evidence against him.  It isn’t even worth mentioning his name as I have the belief that our name is what we are in this industry.  His name is HACK, and he epitomises the bottom of the barrel in the comedy industry.  You do not borrow material, you do not steal material, you do not HACK.

I agree with what Joe has written on his site where he states these HACKS get away with what they do, because no one holds them accountable due to fear of repraisal.  I honestly believe, as part of the sad, silent majority of fuming comedians, that we feel there is not a lot we can do as lesser knowns.  I have seen HACKS confronted where the reaction is textbook: classic denial.  I have seen the same thing where either they act like, or they are genuinely unaware of what losers they are.  Not only do they deny it, but they are astonished that anyone would try to discredit them.  Complete bullsh*t. 

Joe, you are truly a comedian’s comedian.  You are a hero.  Make that HACK your bitch.

Your plagarist, loser, no talent, bitch.

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