Steaurus 2000

September 6, 2010

Steve Worth – Stearus 2000

Vodpod videos no longer available.


8 batteries, microwave, coffee pot, toaster, vcr dvd deck, 19″ TV, 5 exterior cameras, 9″/5″/2.5″ TVs, 5000 volt electrocution whilst repairing one of the TVs…

“After I blacked out for a few minutes, I woke up.”

Did you?  Have you woken up yet Steve?


…2X12V batteries, some computer fans (“off of a computer”)  zippered onto the hat (so he can remove the fans and  “wash the hat”), camel pack water tank (to spray water into the fans to make a swamp cooler), and he also has a hammer, roof shop vac, and can run a 10amp table saw…

And NOTHING said about his haircut.

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