January 22, 2005

Man, I have REALLY been getting the gears for not updating my web page more often.  It seems I have a high level of life enrichment.  Some people say that they need to drink more water, eat more vegetables, maybe study a new language…then there are those that need more Freddy in their life.  To some I am a cool drink of water and I taste better than broccoli too, je suis le pinacle, l’épitomé si vous, du sustinance… ou pas.

Last weekend I was in Edmonton doing the weekend shows.  Harold Preuss MC’ed the events and Steve Patterson was headlining.  Paul Sveen came in on Thursday to take it downtown. Welby “I need a web link” Santos was a regular that weekend to add some Filipino flavour to the mix .)

Paul “not much here to link to either”Myerhaug suprized us with a visit on Friday, with Kelly “the only picture of me on the internet has a big red ‘x’ through it” Dakus setting the bar with his guest spot on the Friday late show.  Saturday had Winston “I bet you thought I have a link, but I don’t” Herbert pop by to help out with a solid set.  All in all it was a grand time.  The shows really went well, and I got to see some faces that I hadn’t seen in awhile and new ones to boot. (*note-I didn’t boot anyone in the face, don’t be retarded

An exciting thing about Edmonton is that it’s the newest club on the circuit, meaning they relocated to a brand spanking new venue.  Along with being a new venue, they also have a green room, which Calgary does not.  I (had) posted a photo here to show the ambience, the faux antique brass bull and matador adorning the wall, with the retro velvet couch/rocking chair combination, which can only accentuate the wicker/wood coffee table and partial brick panelling memorabilia from the old club.  Tastefully done…you may wish to lay a towel before sitting on the couch.

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